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Introducing: Liam

Okay, so, technically his name is William, but that just sounds to formal for him. Unlike Ellery, who I can, and will, call Ella and Ellery interchangeably, I almost NEVER call Liam, William. His character is incredibly deep at some times, but he’s also very shallow at times. He frustrates me because he’s incredibly complicated and I never know what he’s going to do next. Anyway, here we go, Liam:

Name: William Maxwell Drake

Nickname: Liam

Age: 11 in the 1st half, 25 in the 2nd half

Hair: Long, Wavy, Blonde

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 6′ 2″

Clothing: Dark Brown mostly, sometimes wears Dark Blue shirts. Dark Blue Cloak.

Weapons: He is very stealthy and will help Jonathan spy sometimes. He can use all weapons masterfully.

Personality: He’s Quiet, a Leader, and Stubborn. He is constantly butting heads with Ella and Sarah. He is loyal to a fault. He’s best friends with Peter, Jonathan, Matthew, and Cameron. He can be very mischievous at times. He loves his siblings, and is very protective of his younger sisters since his father is dead and his older brother is always busy running Hargrove. Is grateful to Eric for introducing him to Jonathan and Peter. 

Status: Son of the deceased Duke of Hargrove, younger brother to the current Duke of Hargrove, Nephew of King Shawn of Weldon.

Name Means: Resolute Protector

And that is Liam. He’s a whole lot of fun to work with, though I think he’ll be more fun to work with in the second book than in the first. Speaking of which, I’ve finished planning Book I and I’ve begun planning Book II. I still don’t have a title, and I’m not quite ready to do much actual writing of the individual books yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually work on writing the first Book sometime soon. I guess everything really depends on the amount of homework I have to do. Next up is the profile for Liam’s sister Olivia and after that will probably be the profile for one of Jonathan’s sisters.

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Introducing: Jonathan

Don’t shoot me!! All three of you who read this that is. I’ve been super busy the last few weeks with work and getting ready to start school again. I’m now back at school and classes have started, so life should actually allow for me to begin posting profiles once again. Maybe I’ll add “Post New Profile” to the list of reading and writing assignments I’ll have due every day!! It’s actually a possibility! Anyway, this profile is, obviously, Jonathan’s. He is one of my favorite characters for multiple reasons, mainly because he blends into the background so well. Without further ado, I present to you…


Name: Jonathan Adam Ryder

Nickname: John, Johnny

Age: 8 in the prologue, 10 in the 1st half, 24 in the 2nd half

Hair: Short, Curly, Dark Red Hair

Eyes: Grey

Height: 6’ 4”

Clothing: Lots of Black. Sometimes he’ll add Grey or Dark Green. Black Cloak when travelling.

Weapons: Uses all weapons masterfully. Very Stealthy.

Personality: He’s very calm, quiet, and protective. He’s very good at blending into a crowd, even though his height and hair color make him stand out. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and those he considers to be family. He is especially protective of his younger sisters, he includes Ellery and Maggie in that category. He is best friends with Peter, Matt, Cameron, and Liam. He is very patient with his younger brother and Charlie. He looks up to Eric as a Father.

Status: Squire for Eric, Spy for the High Court, Bodyguard for Ellery

Name Means: Gift from God


So that’s Jonathan, or as much of him as I’m willing to post!! I hope you enjoy getting to know him just a little and I hope to post Liam’s profile later this week, he’s a fun character too!!

Until next time, which will hopefully not be as long a wait as last time,