You guys are in for a treat! Peter is one of my absolutely favorite characters, for multiple reasons! Originally, he was just this orphaned street rat who became friends with Jonathan (I’ll post his bio soon). Then, he became the kidnapped son of the king of Rydell. Then, as I was writing the outline, which is still incomplete, he became the foster son of Eric and Kate. He, Jonathan, William, and Eric are my favorite guy characters! At the moment, Ellery, Olivia, Sarah, and Kate are my favorite female characters (though all my female characters seem to be incredibly rebellious lately!!). I hope you all like Peter!! Here he is…

Name: Peter James Carson (Wellington)

Age: 11 in the 1st half, 25 in the second half

Hair: Shoulder Length, Straight, Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6′ 2 1/2″

Clothing: Dark Blue Shirts, Dark Brown Leather Pants, Dark Blue Cloak, and Dark Brown Boots

Weapons: He trained under Kate and Eric with Olivia and so is a Master of all weapons, he prefers knives or daggers to any other weapon though

Personality: Stubborn, Loyal, Kind, and Sweet. Her is very protective of his family, especially his foster sisters Ella and Maggie. Fights with Ella all the time because she doesn’t like the fact that he is so overprotective. He will do anything for his foster-brother Charlie. He thinks he owes something to Kate and Eric because they took him in all those years ago. He considers them to be his parents because he doesn’t know, or remember, his real parents and the nanny who kidnapped him died when he was 8.

Status: Heir to the throne of Rydell, Foster Son of Kate and Eric

Name Means: Rock

And that is Peter. He’s a lot of fun to write, and super easy to write too, at least in the outline he is! I can’t wait to start writing his scenes, especially the ones between him and Ella! Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll add another character bio, probably Jonathan’s and maybe even Liam’s if I’m up to it.

Until next time,