Sorry, I really did mean to upload Ellery’s bio yesterday, but I ran out of time. So, without further ado:

Name: Ellery Hope Blythe

Nickname: Ella, Peter calls her Cricket

Age: 2 days in the prologue, 2-3 in the 1st half, 16-17 in the second half

Hair: Long, Wavy, Dark Blonde

Eyes: Dark Blue/Grey

Height: 5′ 3 1/2″ She’s very dainty looking

Clothing: She wears two different types of clothing

1. Dark Blue and Purple or Dark Blue and Pink Royal dresses trimmed with Gold or Silver Thread. Most of her dresses are simple since she lives underground during the war.

2. She wears Dark Brown Leather Leggings with a Dark Blue and Dark Brown Tunic Top with a Dark Blue Cloak and Dark Brown Boots.

Weapons: She can use all weapons well but she prefers Knives or a Bow

Personality: Incredibly Stubborn, Kind, Quick Temper. She loves her friends and considers her Ladies in Waiting to be friends and not servants. She butts heads with Peter constantly even though she absolutely adores him. She is best friend with her Lady in Waiting Olivia.

Status: Heir to the High Throne after Kate dies, or if Kate chooses to abdicate

Name Means: Joyful

And that is Ellery, she’s the main character for the second half of the book, and possibly beyond. Next up Peter’s bio.

Thanks for reading!