Here I am again with another character introduction! I think most likely I’ll be posting something about this book every day. Don’t me to that though, I work random hours and I’ll be heading back to school in two weeks, so there’s no telling when I’ll actually be able to post. Since today is my birthday, I’ve decided I’m going to post two character profiles today! A special birthday gift from me to you! So keep an eye out later today or tonight for Ellery’s character bio. Now, without further ado, I give you:

Name: Eric Charles Coulson-Blythe

Age: 18 in the prologue, 20 in the first half, 34 in the second half

Hair: Shaggy, Curly, Dark Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 6′ 2″

Marital Status: He’s married to Katherine Elizabeth Blythe

Children: He has 3 children – Ellery Hope, Margaret Elizabeth, and Charles Matthew Blythe. He has one foster son – Peter James Carson (Wellington).

Clothing: He also wears three different types of clothing

1.  Royal – Generally Black or Brown Pants with White Shirts, Light or Dark Blue and Gold Vests, and Black or Brown suit coats.

2. His Peasant Clothing, which he wears a few times, are generally Dark Brown Pants and simple shirts of varying colors.

3. During Battles he wears Full Golden Knight’s Armor with a blue-tinted chain mail.

Weapons: He is a master of all weapons and can use them all interchangeably.

Personality: He is Patient, Kind, and he doesn’t get angry very often or easily. He’s a great father and leader. He supports any and all decisions Kate makes, at least publicly. If he doesn’t agree with a decision she’s made, he confronts her in private and will only deal with the issue in private. He is a Great Warrior. Loves his children greatly and loves Peter as if he was biologically Peter’s father.

Status: He is married to the Heir to the Hight Throne which means he is royalty. He will become King if and when Kate becomes Queen.

Name Means: Powerful

And that, is Kate’s husband Eric. He plays a large role in this story, especially when Kate is involved and especially near the end! Later today I’ll hopefully post Ellery’s bio and then tomorrow I’ll try to post the back story so that there is some idea what I am talking about when I mention characters or events.

Have a wonderful 20th day of July,