Okay, so Kate is obviously not at the top of my list of characters, but she is my main character, so… Anyway, without further ado, I am excited to introduce to you Kate:

Full Name: Katherine Elizabeth Blythe

Nickname: Kate, Eric calls her Katie

Age: 17 in the prologue, 19 in the first half, 33 in the second half

Hair: Long, Wavy, Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Blue/Grey

Height: 5′ 4″

Marital Status: She is married to Eric Charles Coulson-Blythe

Children: She has 3 children – Ellery Hope, Margaret Elizabeth, and Charles Matthew Blythe. She also has one foster son – Peter James Carson (Wellington).

Clothing: There are three different type of clothing that she wears throughout the entire book.

1. Royal – Simple Renaissance style dresses. Most are Dark Navy Blue though she wears some Dark Grey, Some Dark Purple, and some Dark Brown as well. All of her dresses have gold stitching.

2. She wears simple peasant style dress that are Dark Blue, Dark Grey, or Dark Brown.

3. For a good portion of her appearances in the book, especially in the second half or when traveling, Kate wears a Tunic and Leather Leggings, chain mail optional for battles. Leggings are usually Dark Brown or Black. Tunics are Dark Blue, Dark Grey, or Dark Brown with a little gold at the shoulders and neck.

Weapons: Kate can use all weapons well, but she prefers using a Bow or a Sword.

Personality: She is Stubborn and Determined, but she is also Caring and Sweet. She loves her family above all else and will do anything to protect them. She is a wonderful leader and can get most people to follow her just by her calm leadership skills. She has an incredible sense of duty, and if she believes something to be her duty, she will do everything in her power to complete that duty. She is also very mischievous, especially when it comes to bringing two people together.

Status: She is the Heir to the High Throne

Name Meaning: Pure

And that is Kate, the main character for the first half of the book, as well as a very central character elsewhere in the book. Next, you’ll meet Kate’s husband Eric and then soon after that, her daughter Ellery, the main character in the second half of the book.

Until next time,