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Introducing: Peter

You guys are in for a treat! Peter is one of my absolutely favorite characters, for multiple reasons! Originally, he was just this orphaned street rat who became friends with Jonathan (I’ll post his bio soon). Then, he became the kidnapped son of the king of Rydell. Then, as I was writing the outline, which is still incomplete, he became the foster son of Eric and Kate. He, Jonathan, William, and Eric are my favorite guy characters! At the moment, Ellery, Olivia, Sarah, and Kate are my favorite female characters (though all my female characters seem to be incredibly rebellious lately!!). I hope you all like Peter!! Here he is…

Name: Peter James Carson (Wellington)

Age: 11 in the 1st half, 25 in the second half

Hair: Shoulder Length, Straight, Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6′ 2 1/2″

Clothing: Dark Blue Shirts, Dark Brown Leather Pants, Dark Blue Cloak, and Dark Brown Boots

Weapons: He trained under Kate and Eric with Olivia and so is a Master of all weapons, he prefers knives or daggers to any other weapon though

Personality: Stubborn, Loyal, Kind, and Sweet. Her is very protective of his family, especially his foster sisters Ella and Maggie. Fights with Ella all the time because she doesn’t like the fact that he is so overprotective. He will do anything for his foster-brother Charlie. He thinks he owes something to Kate and Eric because they took him in all those years ago. He considers them to be his parents because he doesn’t know, or remember, his real parents and the nanny who kidnapped him died when he was 8.

Status: Heir to the throne of Rydell, Foster Son of Kate and Eric

Name Means: Rock

And that is Peter. He’s a lot of fun to write, and super easy to write too, at least in the outline he is! I can’t wait to start writing his scenes, especially the ones between him and Ella! Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll add another character bio, probably Jonathan’s and maybe even Liam’s if I’m up to it.

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Introducing: Ellery

Sorry, I really did mean to upload Ellery’s bio yesterday, but I ran out of time. So, without further ado:

Name: Ellery Hope Blythe

Nickname: Ella, Peter calls her Cricket

Age: 2 days in the prologue, 2-3 in the 1st half, 16-17 in the second half

Hair: Long, Wavy, Dark Blonde

Eyes: Dark Blue/Grey

Height: 5′ 3 1/2″ She’s very dainty looking

Clothing: She wears two different types of clothing

1. Dark Blue and Purple or Dark Blue and Pink Royal dresses trimmed with Gold or Silver Thread. Most of her dresses are simple since she lives underground during the war.

2. She wears Dark Brown Leather Leggings with a Dark Blue and Dark Brown Tunic Top with a Dark Blue Cloak and Dark Brown Boots.

Weapons: She can use all weapons well but she prefers Knives or a Bow

Personality: Incredibly Stubborn, Kind, Quick Temper. She loves her friends and considers her Ladies in Waiting to be friends and not servants. She butts heads with Peter constantly even though she absolutely adores him. She is best friend with her Lady in Waiting Olivia.

Status: Heir to the High Throne after Kate dies, or if Kate chooses to abdicate

Name Means: Joyful

And that is Ellery, she’s the main character for the second half of the book, and possibly beyond. Next up Peter’s bio.

Thanks for reading!


Introducing: Eric

Here I am again with another character introduction! I think most likely I’ll be posting something about this book every day. Don’t me to that though, I work random hours and I’ll be heading back to school in two weeks, so there’s no telling when I’ll actually be able to post. Since today is my birthday, I’ve decided I’m going to post two character profiles today! A special birthday gift from me to you! So keep an eye out later today or tonight for Ellery’s character bio. Now, without further ado, I give you:

Name: Eric Charles Coulson-Blythe

Age: 18 in the prologue, 20 in the first half, 34 in the second half

Hair: Shaggy, Curly, Dark Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 6′ 2″

Marital Status: He’s married to Katherine Elizabeth Blythe

Children: He has 3 children – Ellery Hope, Margaret Elizabeth, and Charles Matthew Blythe. He has one foster son – Peter James Carson (Wellington).

Clothing: He also wears three different types of clothing

1.  Royal – Generally Black or Brown Pants with White Shirts, Light or Dark Blue and Gold Vests, and Black or Brown suit coats.

2. His Peasant Clothing, which he wears a few times, are generally Dark Brown Pants and simple shirts of varying colors.

3. During Battles he wears Full Golden Knight’s Armor with a blue-tinted chain mail.

Weapons: He is a master of all weapons and can use them all interchangeably.

Personality: He is Patient, Kind, and he doesn’t get angry very often or easily. He’s a great father and leader. He supports any and all decisions Kate makes, at least publicly. If he doesn’t agree with a decision she’s made, he confronts her in private and will only deal with the issue in private. He is a Great Warrior. Loves his children greatly and loves Peter as if he was biologically Peter’s father.

Status: He is married to the Heir to the Hight Throne which means he is royalty. He will become King if and when Kate becomes Queen.

Name Means: Powerful

And that, is Kate’s husband Eric. He plays a large role in this story, especially when Kate is involved and especially near the end! Later today I’ll hopefully post Ellery’s bio and then tomorrow I’ll try to post the back story so that there is some idea what I am talking about when I mention characters or events.

Have a wonderful 20th day of July,


Introducing: Kate

Okay, so Kate is obviously not at the top of my list of characters, but she is my main character, so… Anyway, without further ado, I am excited to introduce to you Kate:

Full Name: Katherine Elizabeth Blythe

Nickname: Kate, Eric calls her Katie

Age: 17 in the prologue, 19 in the first half, 33 in the second half

Hair: Long, Wavy, Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Blue/Grey

Height: 5′ 4″

Marital Status: She is married to Eric Charles Coulson-Blythe

Children: She has 3 children – Ellery Hope, Margaret Elizabeth, and Charles Matthew Blythe. She also has one foster son – Peter James Carson (Wellington).

Clothing: There are three different type of clothing that she wears throughout the entire book.

1. Royal – Simple Renaissance style dresses. Most are Dark Navy Blue though she wears some Dark Grey, Some Dark Purple, and some Dark Brown as well. All of her dresses have gold stitching.

2. She wears simple peasant style dress that are Dark Blue, Dark Grey, or Dark Brown.

3. For a good portion of her appearances in the book, especially in the second half or when traveling, Kate wears a Tunic and Leather Leggings, chain mail optional for battles. Leggings are usually Dark Brown or Black. Tunics are Dark Blue, Dark Grey, or Dark Brown with a little gold at the shoulders and neck.

Weapons: Kate can use all weapons well, but she prefers using a Bow or a Sword.

Personality: She is Stubborn and Determined, but she is also Caring and Sweet. She loves her family above all else and will do anything to protect them. She is a wonderful leader and can get most people to follow her just by her calm leadership skills. She has an incredible sense of duty, and if she believes something to be her duty, she will do everything in her power to complete that duty. She is also very mischievous, especially when it comes to bringing two people together.

Status: She is the Heir to the High Throne

Name Meaning: Pure

And that is Kate, the main character for the first half of the book, as well as a very central character elsewhere in the book. Next, you’ll meet Kate’s husband Eric and then soon after that, her daughter Ellery, the main character in the second half of the book.

Until next time,


Introducing: Creallin

I’ve had many people ask me about my newest writing project. Unfortunately, this writing project has decided to make it easy to summarize in under 160 characters, or 1,180 characters for that matter (this is the limit of characters I could use to text the summary to someone). I decided, therefore, that it was in my best interest to create a place where I could easily begin to advertise for a project that is still in the planning stages. As a matter of fact, there isn’t even a title yet, I haven’t found anything that fits! So, without further ado, let me introduce you to: Creallin.

Creallin is a fictional continent surrounded on all sides by water, which may or may not actually make it an island, I don’t know for sure. Most of the continent is protected by 70′ cliffs that border the sea, protecting the people on the continent from attack.  The continent is made up of four kingdoms. In the North of the continent is the kingdom of Weldon which is very mountainous. In the South-East is the Kingdom of Dargath, which is primarily a large desert, except near the sea. In the South-West is the kingdom of Rydell which is composed primarily of a large enchanted forest (I’m calling this forest “The Dark Forest” until I can find a better name for it). In the center of the continent, bordered by the other three kingdoms, is The High Court, the rulers in this court rule over the entire continent. The High Court may be in control of the rest of the continent, but the rulers of Weldon, Dargath, and Rydell are given free rein to rule their separate kingdoms as they see fit, as long as they obey the rules and laws set by The High Court.

My book will take place over a period of 17 years. It will begin right after the birth of a child and it will end with a declaration from that child 17 years later. Over the next few weeks, I will begin to introduce you to my characters, starting with the mother of the aforementioned child, she is my main character for the first half of the book. There are many characters in this book, and even I have trouble keeping them straight. So in order to help you keep the characters straight, before I introduce the characters to you, I will list the characters here in family groups. 


Ellery and Alex*




Alex* and Allison




Kate* and Eric






Jacqueline and Adam






Elaine and Max

Shawn and Micahla





Shawn and Amelia

Cameron Shawnson (patronymic naming)



Marin and Elizabeth





Justin and Anna






Jackson and Kaylie





*denotes that they are the same person

^denotes they are foster children

Please subscribe for updates as I hope to begin posting character bios soon.

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