Introducing: Olivia

Olivia’s an interesting character. She shows up in the first half of the book along with her family. It’s really until the second half of the book though that you learn about who she really is. At first glance, she seems to just be a quiet, easygoing girl, and she is. But there’s more to her than that. She’s fiercely loyal and loves her best friend Ella, which is why she’s one of my favorite main female characters (and also why I decided that the majority of the second book is about her!). Anyway, I guess I should actually introduce you to the character, instead of just ranting about how amazing she is. (Can ranting and amazing be used in the same sentence? I guess as an English Major I should know these things).

Name: Olivia Anne Drake

Nickname: Liv, Livvy, ‘Livia (only Peter calls her this)

Age: 4 in the first half, 18 in the second half

Hair: Long, Straight, Light Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 5′ 4″

Clothing: Lots of dresses in varying shades of Green. She will also wear a Dark Green Tunic, Dark Grey Leggings, Boots, and a Dark Gray Cloak.

Weapons: She has a competent knowledge of all weapons, but uses knives masterfully.

Personality: Sweet, Caring, and Easygoing. She generally goes along with whatever Ellery wants to do. She’s not always up for the antics Leah wants to enact. But when she does go along, she’s always right in the middle of the action. She’s fiercely loyal to Ella and the rest of their friends. She and Ella have been best friends since they first met. 

Status: Daughter of the deceased Duke of Hargrove, Younger Sister to the present Duke of Hargrove, Niece of King Shawn of Weldon.

Name Means: Olive

So there you have it folks, Olivia Drake! She’s going to be incredibly fun to write I do believe. As a side note, that new story I’m planning out right will actually end up fitting into a timeline that tells the history of Creallin. I’m quite psyched about the way my world is beginning to unfold and the stories have gone from a trilogy to a series of between 12 and 15 books (if  not more). 

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Interlude: New Story Idea

Alright, so this is obviously not Olivia’s profile. It’s coming, I promise! I’ll plan on posting it on Friday, but don’t hold me to that! Anyway, this weekend, a brand new story idea popped into my head. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop working on my present work, but it does mean that  now have two works vying for attention in my brain. As it stands right now, Creallin is still at the top of my list to work on. Of course, homework takes precedence over all things fun! (Maybe I’ll have more luck actually writing this next semester while I’m taking Creative Writing. We’ll see! Depending on how things go with this new story, which is also fantastical but includes an awesome assassin/spy character who I would love to be, I may begin posting characters from it as well.

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Introducing: Liam

Okay, so, technically his name is William, but that just sounds to formal for him. Unlike Ellery, who I can, and will, call Ella and Ellery interchangeably, I almost NEVER call Liam, William. His character is incredibly deep at some times, but he’s also very shallow at times. He frustrates me because he’s incredibly complicated and I never know what he’s going to do next. Anyway, here we go, Liam:

Name: William Maxwell Drake

Nickname: Liam

Age: 11 in the 1st half, 25 in the 2nd half

Hair: Long, Wavy, Blonde

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 6′ 2″

Clothing: Dark Brown mostly, sometimes wears Dark Blue shirts. Dark Blue Cloak.

Weapons: He is very stealthy and will help Jonathan spy sometimes. He can use all weapons masterfully.

Personality: He’s Quiet, a Leader, and Stubborn. He is constantly butting heads with Ella and Sarah. He is loyal to a fault. He’s best friends with Peter, Jonathan, Matthew, and Cameron. He can be very mischievous at times. He loves his siblings, and is very protective of his younger sisters since his father is dead and his older brother is always busy running Hargrove. Is grateful to Eric for introducing him to Jonathan and Peter. 

Status: Son of the deceased Duke of Hargrove, younger brother to the current Duke of Hargrove, Nephew of King Shawn of Weldon.

Name Means: Resolute Protector

And that is Liam. He’s a whole lot of fun to work with, though I think he’ll be more fun to work with in the second book than in the first. Speaking of which, I’ve finished planning Book I and I’ve begun planning Book II. I still don’t have a title, and I’m not quite ready to do much actual writing of the individual books yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually work on writing the first Book sometime soon. I guess everything really depends on the amount of homework I have to do. Next up is the profile for Liam’s sister Olivia and after that will probably be the profile for one of Jonathan’s sisters.

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Introducing: Jonathan

Don’t shoot me!! All three of you who read this that is. I’ve been super busy the last few weeks with work and getting ready to start school again. I’m now back at school and classes have started, so life should actually allow for me to begin posting profiles once again. Maybe I’ll add “Post New Profile” to the list of reading and writing assignments I’ll have due every day!! It’s actually a possibility! Anyway, this profile is, obviously, Jonathan’s. He is one of my favorite characters for multiple reasons, mainly because he blends into the background so well. Without further ado, I present to you…


Name: Jonathan Adam Ryder

Nickname: John, Johnny

Age: 8 in the prologue, 10 in the 1st half, 24 in the 2nd half

Hair: Short, Curly, Dark Red Hair

Eyes: Grey

Height: 6’ 4”

Clothing: Lots of Black. Sometimes he’ll add Grey or Dark Green. Black Cloak when travelling.

Weapons: Uses all weapons masterfully. Very Stealthy.

Personality: He’s very calm, quiet, and protective. He’s very good at blending into a crowd, even though his height and hair color make him stand out. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and those he considers to be family. He is especially protective of his younger sisters, he includes Ellery and Maggie in that category. He is best friends with Peter, Matt, Cameron, and Liam. He is very patient with his younger brother and Charlie. He looks up to Eric as a Father.

Status: Squire for Eric, Spy for the High Court, Bodyguard for Ellery

Name Means: Gift from God


So that’s Jonathan, or as much of him as I’m willing to post!! I hope you enjoy getting to know him just a little and I hope to post Liam’s profile later this week, he’s a fun character too!!

Until next time, which will hopefully not be as long a wait as last time, 


Introducing: Peter

You guys are in for a treat! Peter is one of my absolutely favorite characters, for multiple reasons! Originally, he was just this orphaned street rat who became friends with Jonathan (I’ll post his bio soon). Then, he became the kidnapped son of the king of Rydell. Then, as I was writing the outline, which is still incomplete, he became the foster son of Eric and Kate. He, Jonathan, William, and Eric are my favorite guy characters! At the moment, Ellery, Olivia, Sarah, and Kate are my favorite female characters (though all my female characters seem to be incredibly rebellious lately!!). I hope you all like Peter!! Here he is…

Name: Peter James Carson (Wellington)

Age: 11 in the 1st half, 25 in the second half

Hair: Shoulder Length, Straight, Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6′ 2 1/2″

Clothing: Dark Blue Shirts, Dark Brown Leather Pants, Dark Blue Cloak, and Dark Brown Boots

Weapons: He trained under Kate and Eric with Olivia and so is a Master of all weapons, he prefers knives or daggers to any other weapon though

Personality: Stubborn, Loyal, Kind, and Sweet. Her is very protective of his family, especially his foster sisters Ella and Maggie. Fights with Ella all the time because she doesn’t like the fact that he is so overprotective. He will do anything for his foster-brother Charlie. He thinks he owes something to Kate and Eric because they took him in all those years ago. He considers them to be his parents because he doesn’t know, or remember, his real parents and the nanny who kidnapped him died when he was 8.

Status: Heir to the throne of Rydell, Foster Son of Kate and Eric

Name Means: Rock

And that is Peter. He’s a lot of fun to write, and super easy to write too, at least in the outline he is! I can’t wait to start writing his scenes, especially the ones between him and Ella! Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll add another character bio, probably Jonathan’s and maybe even Liam’s if I’m up to it.

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Introducing: Ellery

Sorry, I really did mean to upload Ellery’s bio yesterday, but I ran out of time. So, without further ado:

Name: Ellery Hope Blythe

Nickname: Ella, Peter calls her Cricket

Age: 2 days in the prologue, 2-3 in the 1st half, 16-17 in the second half

Hair: Long, Wavy, Dark Blonde

Eyes: Dark Blue/Grey

Height: 5′ 3 1/2″ She’s very dainty looking

Clothing: She wears two different types of clothing

1. Dark Blue and Purple or Dark Blue and Pink Royal dresses trimmed with Gold or Silver Thread. Most of her dresses are simple since she lives underground during the war.

2. She wears Dark Brown Leather Leggings with a Dark Blue and Dark Brown Tunic Top with a Dark Blue Cloak and Dark Brown Boots.

Weapons: She can use all weapons well but she prefers Knives or a Bow

Personality: Incredibly Stubborn, Kind, Quick Temper. She loves her friends and considers her Ladies in Waiting to be friends and not servants. She butts heads with Peter constantly even though she absolutely adores him. She is best friend with her Lady in Waiting Olivia.

Status: Heir to the High Throne after Kate dies, or if Kate chooses to abdicate

Name Means: Joyful

And that is Ellery, she’s the main character for the second half of the book, and possibly beyond. Next up Peter’s bio.

Thanks for reading!


Introducing: Eric

Here I am again with another character introduction! I think most likely I’ll be posting something about this book every day. Don’t me to that though, I work random hours and I’ll be heading back to school in two weeks, so there’s no telling when I’ll actually be able to post. Since today is my birthday, I’ve decided I’m going to post two character profiles today! A special birthday gift from me to you! So keep an eye out later today or tonight for Ellery’s character bio. Now, without further ado, I give you:

Name: Eric Charles Coulson-Blythe

Age: 18 in the prologue, 20 in the first half, 34 in the second half

Hair: Shaggy, Curly, Dark Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 6′ 2″

Marital Status: He’s married to Katherine Elizabeth Blythe

Children: He has 3 children – Ellery Hope, Margaret Elizabeth, and Charles Matthew Blythe. He has one foster son – Peter James Carson (Wellington).

Clothing: He also wears three different types of clothing

1.  Royal – Generally Black or Brown Pants with White Shirts, Light or Dark Blue and Gold Vests, and Black or Brown suit coats.

2. His Peasant Clothing, which he wears a few times, are generally Dark Brown Pants and simple shirts of varying colors.

3. During Battles he wears Full Golden Knight’s Armor with a blue-tinted chain mail.

Weapons: He is a master of all weapons and can use them all interchangeably.

Personality: He is Patient, Kind, and he doesn’t get angry very often or easily. He’s a great father and leader. He supports any and all decisions Kate makes, at least publicly. If he doesn’t agree with a decision she’s made, he confronts her in private and will only deal with the issue in private. He is a Great Warrior. Loves his children greatly and loves Peter as if he was biologically Peter’s father.

Status: He is married to the Heir to the Hight Throne which means he is royalty. He will become King if and when Kate becomes Queen.

Name Means: Powerful

And that, is Kate’s husband Eric. He plays a large role in this story, especially when Kate is involved and especially near the end! Later today I’ll hopefully post Ellery’s bio and then tomorrow I’ll try to post the back story so that there is some idea what I am talking about when I mention characters or events.

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